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We Will Add $30,000-$90,000 Per Month To Your Email Revenue In 90 Days Or You Don't Pay

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Why You're Currently Losing $30,000-$90,000 Per Month

Lack of Time

Harsh reality: without setting aside a few hours each day to nurture and convert your hard-earned leads, your business is slowly dying. Paid ads aren't getting any cheaper!

Lack of Expertise

Warning: unoptimized messaging, inefficient triggers, bad timing, & poor segmentation ruins your list quality, wastes expensive leads, and flushes away massive potential revenue.

Lack of Strategy

Without strategy, you're left sending unvalidated emails without data. The result? You're chasing success blind, when you could be relying on proven results.

"John is a Klaviyo expert and a fantastic person to work with. His copy is excellent, he just "gets" the customer even though ours is very different to his demographic. Have loved working with him."

Gabe Macauley
(Co-Founder @ Nourished Natural Health)

"John is an amazing email copywriter, has has rebuilt successfully the different email flows of our store resulting in higher profitability. He's also able to write very profitable product launch email campaigns. I recommend him for any email marketing job."

Pascal L.M.
(Founder @ NovaaLab)

"John is a wonderful writer and has allowed my company to expand our content presence. We're a seven-figure men's health brand, which can be difficult to find exciting, new content for... But every week John delivers multiple creative and engaging articles for us and our readers. John is always on time. Communicates with me. Takes initiative on projects with his creativity. I can't recommend John enough!"

Andrew McDermot
(Co-Founder @ OuroVitae)

What It Means To Work With Us

Emails Designed To Convert

Each email is written and designed with your ideal customers in mind. Every email will stand out in their inbox and have them converting, again and again.

Turn Strangers Into Lifelong Fans

Spend your valuable time generating new leads guilt-free while we focus on turning them into lifelong fans of your brand.

More Cashflow Each Month

We'll crush your retention using our proven strategy, leaving you with an abundance of time and capital to throw rocketfuel on your acquisition and truly grow your brand.

Want Results Like These?

$99,214 per month through a single email flow
$105,903 in 8 days through our BFCM strategy
$25,854 from a single email through our
product launch strategy
53% of total revenue through email alone

And Yes, The Emails Look Amazing Too...

Our Simple 4-Step Process

We Arrange A Free Audit 📝

We'll show you what to do more of, what to do less of, and what to upgrade entirely.

We Do The Market Research 🕵️

No guesswork. Watch us discover what works best to convert your list.

We Outline Your Custom Strategy 🧭

Based on past results and our market research findings, we'll deliver a custom package for your brand, along with a quote for our services.

You Watch Revenue Flood In 💸

Campaigns start printing cash, automated flows begin populating, & results get analyzed so we can do it even better next month.

Everything-You-Need Ecommerce Email Marketing

Automated Flows Mapped & Set Up

Flows A/B Testing & Optimization

Strategic Campaign Calendars

Monthly Audits & Reports

SMS Flows & Campaigns

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About Us

đź‘‹ Hey!

John Prince here - founder of Real Way Marketing.

I started, grew, & exited an ecommerce company that's still in business and scaling.

That's what led to my shameless email marketing addiction.

Today, I help other 7-9 figure ecommerce brand owners maximize their revenue by turning visitors into buyers and buyers into lifelong fans.

All through the power of high-converting, engaging, & stellar-looking emails your list will LOVE.

Take a look around & you'll see why my clients love working with me.


Unless you're allergic to money, tap to below to arrange a free audit for your ecommerce brand.

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John is very knowledgeable and has lots of ideas. His work is of a high standard and I would definitely use him again!

John Allen

Marketing @ Healthy Active Pet

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices?

Both your initial consultation and audit are 100% free.

From there, we create a custom package depending on your goals, your budget, what we find in your audit, and most importantly: what will get you the highest ROI.

Tap here to book your free consultation & audit.

How can you guarantee an additional $30,000-$90,000 per month?

Those numbers are based on results we've gotten for previous clients.

If you'd like to see how we can do the same for you, we can walk through the process and do the math together on a free (no-obligation) consultation.

If we proceed to work together and we fail to meet our discussed goals, you don't pay.
Tap here to book your free consultation & audit.

How much revenue should my store be making to get started?

Our best clients average at least $100k-$600k per month.

However, if your store makes at least $30k per month, we may find a way to create a custom package that will bring you an ROI.

We will not make you an offer unless we're confident you'll see a return on your investment.

Tap here to book your free consultation & audit.

We want our emails to look a certain way. Will everything be on brand?

The emails will look, feel, and sound EXACTLY the way you want.

Nothing gets sent to your email list until you're thrilled with what you see.

On the other hand, if you don't yet have an established brand voice, we can help you discover it.

We can discuss your requirements and preferences in your free consultation.

Tap here to book your free consultation & audit.

Do you do SMS as well?


SMS flows and campaigns can be very profitable, and we highly recommend at least testing it.

Book your free consultation below to discuss both email and SMS strategy for your brand.

Tap here to book your free consultation & audit.